Men’s tanning is becoming more popular.

Men’s tanning is becoming more popular.

Men’s tanning is becoming more popular, and more and more men want darker skin. Famous male actors, athletes, and public figures appear tanned, encouraging men to try it.

Tanning is no longer thought to be a ‘girly’ activity. Salon and tanning shop owners report that men make up a sizable portion of their clientele. Many traditional barbershops have added sunbeds and now provide tanning services in addition to male grooming. There is nothing to be ashamed of when men use sunbeds and solariums. Call Now To Book Your Appointment

A tanned body is more appealing.

A tanned presence is always perceived as being more sexy and attractive, appears more healthy, draws attention to the good features like the muscles of the body, and increases self-esteem as well as confidence in general.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to indoor tanning to achieve the desired natural dark color. People can use sunbeds not only before summer vacations but all year round to benefit from the health benefits, such as increased Vitamin D levels and positive effects on mental health. Read our article ‘Boost your Vitamin D Levels and Improve Your Health with Sunbeds’ to learn more about the health benefits of sunbeds.

Male Tanning is the New Salon Trend

Targeting and attracting more men could be a great way for salons to increase their revenue. It is well known that men are more concerned than ever about their appearance and body shape. They are now doing more to improve their appearance. They use men grooming as well as beauty products, wax as well as visit beauty salons to have their hair or nails done, and they tan.

Going into a sunbed shop, especially for the first time, can be intimidating for a guy. Here are some ideas for attracting more men to your tanning salon:

Choose a more gender-neutral and male-friendly design.

Men should be welcomed and made to feel at ease in your salon as well. Most men, I’m sure, would never enter a pink salon filled with glitter and fancy furniture. Select gender-neutral colors that appeal to both men and women, as well as an interior design that reflects the excellent and professional services you provide.

Small details always matter, so some good ideas would be to decorate your walls with posters of both male and female models or to place some men’s magazines in the waiting area to keep men entertained while they wait.

More salon decorating ideas can be found in our article titled ‘Best Tanning Salon Decorating Ideas for a Unique Salon Interior.’

Provide Retail Products Designed specifically for your male clients

Sunbed creams and tanning lotions are recommended for faster and longer-lasting results. Men should always use a sunbed cream before tanning because their skin is harder and dryer, making tanning more difficult. Tanning lotions for sunbed use contain a variety of ingredients that not only moisturize the skin but also speed up the tanning process and melanin production. Is melanotan permanent?….

However, make sure you cater to both male and female clients by stocking sunbed lotions for both. There are various types of creams or cream collections designed specifically for men. Onyx Tan’s men’s tanning creams and Pro Tan’s Main Line, which contains men’s tanning skincare products and tan accelerators, are two examples. More information can be found in our Sunbed Creams brochure.

Make Use of Social Media to Reach Male Clients

Promote your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and specifically in male groups and forums. Athletes in bodybuilding, for example, could be a potential group. Because muscles are more visible on darker skin, they usually resort to tanning before a competition.

You can even find and contact popular male influences in your area who can help spread the word about tanning in general and your salon in particular by inviting them to visit you and try your services.

Spending some time considering how to attract and retain male customers can be worthwhile. Guys are becoming more open and self-assured about taking care of their appearance and experimenting with new looks. As a salon professional, you should not overlook this expanding market.